The Watch Man

by Arlon Bennett

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The Watch Man is my second record, and it was a leap for me from my first record both in the songs and the production. I actually hired a producer (John Kurgan) to help me record and arrange it while trying to keep me off his back. Overall, I thought it came out pretty good for a Folk-Rock record. The title cut 'The Watch Man' is very often my closing song at concerts.

A DJ Quote about The Watch Man:

"Every decade or so, a voice appears on the folk music scene that makes you sit up and take notice. When that voice is paired with songs and lyrics that tell a story or sing of the human spirit, it is truly magical.. . That voice is Arlon Bennett..."
- Jane Falvey, The Kingston Coffeehouse, WRIU Kingston, RI 90.3 FM said..

Geez.. everytime I read that, I am humbled..


released September 1, 2001

Produced by John Kurgan and Arlon Bennett


all rights reserved



Arlon Bennett New York

Arlon Bennett; Daddy, Eagle Scout, baseball connoisseur, and all-around Renaissance guy with Tuscan roots, is an Americana songsmith writing songs that recall Harry Chapin and vintage James Taylor, but with an eloquence and honesty all his own. A home-made guitarist with a self-effacing style, he has a gift of storytelling from the heart that reveals the gold nuggets in the river of everyday life. ... more

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Track Name: See You in Savannah

I never found love in a drive-in movie
I never found love in a magazine
I never found love with some back street fluzie
and if you’re one then you know what I mean…

But there's a jewel spared the fire
shining through the willow trees
where to ever see that look in your eyes
is to find the love that’s long awaited me…
and I’ll see you in Savannah!

I looked for love at the end of a lonely highway
I looked for love at a church bazaar
I came close once on a crowded subway
but she was a he and we didn't get far

But there's a jewel spared the fire
where the sweetest peaches grow
where to ever see that look in your eyes
is to taste the sweetest peach, I know…
and I'll see you in Savannah!

There's a jewel spared the fire
where the river steamers glide
where to ever see that look in your eyes
is to ‘up and ready for the ride…
Just to see you in Savannah!

I never found love in a drive-in movie
I never found love in a magazine
I never found love with some back street fluzie
If you’re one then you know what I mean…

But there's a jewel spared the fire
shining through the willow trees
where to ever see that look in your eyes
is to find the love that’s long awaited me…
And so I’ll see you in Savannah!
Track Name: So are you

I was afraid of my shadow
that followed in the light,
only finding comfort
in the middle of the night
I was afraid of my shadow
that followed everywhere
and when I tried to stop it
I'd see nothing there

Nothing there
that I could see
hiding somewhere inside of me
Oh and just when I finally knew
my fear was gone
but so are you

So the fire burned inside me
with every exit blocked
except a single door
that was always locked
I used a key to your heart
to unlock the door
now on the other side
I'm not afraid…
I’m not afraid anymore!

I'm not afraid
I opened the door and then I prayed
oh and just when
I made it through,
my fear was gone
but so are you

and one day you'll find the words
you were afraid to say
that I've never heard
and just then you’ll realize
your fear is gone but so am I
Track Name: The Watch Man

A lonely and restless child
in ragged clothes and running wild
along the shops on the boulevard
there were empty faces who disregarded me

As one of just a countless few
who roamed the streets and the avenues
dreaming under storefront awnings
shooed away in the morning’s light

And on one gray and rainy day
before I could run away
a man who fixes clocks and watches
softly said it’s time to come inside

I followed him reluctantly
through a doorway never meant for kids like me
Then amidst the sounds of passing time
I read a tattered sign on the wall that said

Love is patient
love is kind
In these two hands I hold you ‘till the end of time
watching you…
with each tick of my heart…
with every moving part
I’m watching you…

He offered something warm to drink
As I sipped I couldn’t think
then, sounding like a song you sing
He said "wait I have just one more thing for you"

He reached behind some dusty clocks
and inside a little box
was a pocket watch with perfect time
He told me that it was mine to keep
And inscribed not to small to ignore
were the very words I saw before


I think of him every now and then
the watch man I never saw again
now with two kids of my own
I know that I was not alone at all…

And sometimes on a taxi ride
or when I call the kids inside
I gaze down to my open hand
and the face that helps me understand it all

Track Name: 7 Days

It was a rush I had no time
to make the Earth, the heavens and all mankind
I had a plan so unique
Be it for better or for worse, but I only had a week
just 7 days, 7 days, 7 days

So I started working on day and night
threw in a sky of blue and some clouds of white
I raised the mountains and poured the seas
made the soil dark for growing and I planted all the trees
in 7 days, in 7 days, just 7 days

Oh 7 days
Don’t you know
what makes the summer breezes blow?
Oh 7 days
Can you see
that nothing ever happens accidentally, no no

Then I took it easy for a day
I lit the sun and every star in the Milky Way
and by late that afternoon
I gave the Earth a little sister and called her the moon
I put the fishes in the seas
made all the animal species
including “creepy crawly things you would not believe…”
no no…


And finally then I made the one
In my own image and I knew my work had just begun
I took a break on my estate
proud of all I did create
In 7 days In 7 days, 7 days…

…My Lord
Track Name: Love is a Word

It's only a word
something you heard
Something you've seen
something you learned
it’s something you said
4 letters in red
it's what you sign in a card to a friend
it's only a sound
a verb or a noun
take it to heart before you
spread it around
only a Word
that's Love
only a word

Go and look it up
if you don’t believe me
there in black and white
in so many meanings
but none can describe the feelings…no no..
that’s for the language of the soul


I can play the game
anytime I want to
just add the love
between the I and the you
but that doesn’t mean that I love you, no no
that’s for the language of the soul

Track Name: Don't Turn Back Now

Reach inside your mind and find the dream
you thought about for a long, long time
and climb the mountain that you always said you could
the one you always said you would

Reach inside your pocket and find the change
you said that you’d always make..
and take the chances that you’ve been afraid to take
fear will be your worst mistake

Don’t turn back now
Don’t turn back now
Dreams are there for the making
(That’s what’s it’s all about)
Don’t turn back now
Stars are there for the taking
If you can see through the clouds, now

Reach inside your heart and find the peace
you lost when it broke apart
And start to play the games that children often do
there’s still a child in you…

And who else you gonna rely on?
and who else will make it so?
There’s that one dream to keep your eye on..
'til you do you’ll never know, so..

Reach up on the shelf among the dust up there
you might find yourself and leave the fingerprints that others just might find
just decide that now's the time…

Track Name: Ocean Cowboy

If there’s one thing I know ‘bout this island
it’s long on land and long on loneliness
if I could ever get past the guarded beaches
this is one place I know I’ll never miss

and the summer crowds they roll in like the tides do
and September sends them back the way they came
leaving bottles smashed in drunken disappointment
yet they come back here the next year with no shame

and me I’m just the local ocean cowboy
they wave at my boat and think I got it made
they see the freedom and adventure
but their eyes are blinded by the shade

‘cause working on the waves ain’t so easy
and the winters don’t forgive my way of life
but once in a while I get a little lucky
when the man who sells the bait lets me inside

that’s me the local ocean cowboy
in this one boat town where the ferries rule the bay
I wish I could tell my mother that I made it
‘cause my ship comes in every day

so living on this salty splintered vessel
with a cat who eats ‘bout half of what I earn
and when I step off onto the dry land
the seagulls always call me to return

‘cause they know me better than I know myself
and accept me in their mean and dirty lives
but they will always have it over me
they have wings to fly …away….


so the summer crowds they roll in like the tides do
I drop my nets and play the waiting game
they eat more than I can feed them
I despise and need them just the same

so if you ever take that journey
from the inlet to that shining fire light
that’s me there in the distance
bobbing in the wake you leave behind

Everyday, I make it and I don’t know any other way
Track Name: Have You Seen Me?

my name is Angela
and I’m seventeen years old
named for an angel who brought me that long ago
but my wings have long since broken
over things still left unspoken
when my father took to drinking
and my mother gave up thinking
and since then…

Have you seen me?
in a picture on the wall…
do you miss me?
in the silence when you call my name
oh I know I can’t forget you
and I know the world won’t let you
forget me…
have you seen me at all…?

my name is Anthony
and I’m this many fingers old
I don’t know right from wrong I never do what I am told
and I wandered off with another boy
to play with some other toys
they found him in tears that day
but for me it’s three years in May
and I’d say…


I am in your every thought and every dream
I am everywhere you look have you seen… me?

Track Name: Reflection Lullaby

There’s amazing grace in this little face
as we rock-a-bye
It’s just me and you little boy blue
and elephants in the sky
As I draw the curtain closed
There surrounded in your tiny clothes,
I can see a reflection of me

It’s a crazy world above your curls
with rockets to the moon
Life’s not fair and daddy’s stare
you’ll learn all too soon
As I close the story book
and turn around to take another look,
I can see a reflection of me

Forbidden trees and falling leaves
Broken hearts and bloody knees
I will see a reflection of me
Track Name: Whatever Happened To?

I’d like to know
what ever happened to I want to be an astronaut?
and go for a rocket shot into outer space
What ever happened to I want to be an astronaut?
I wouldn’t weigh a lot with a smile upon my face!

But I can see stars on my TV
where I can float in my own virtual reality
what ever happened to I want to be an astronaut
guess I just forgot that I could fly to another place

I’d like to know
what ever happened to I want to be the president?
run the establishment in a fair and honest way
what ever happened to I want to be the president?
and see that taxes are wisely spent each and every day

But that’s responsibility
and why should I care about anyone else but me?
what ever happened to I want to be the president?
It got lost on the internet, you wouldn’t respect me anyway

This is what I’d like to know
can anybody tell me where the old I-wanna-be’s all go?

I’d like to know!
what ever happened to I want to be a scientist?
and study how we exist on this ball of blue
what ever happened to I want to be a scientist?
maybe a physicist and study each and every clue…

But I’d have to get my Ph.D
and have you seen my scores on the SAT?
What ever happened to I want to be a scientist?
I guessed it’s what I missed on my way to school
What ever happened to…
Track Name: I am the War

I have seen the scattered legions of battle weary men
breaking ranks from burning tanks
who never go home again
I have been declared
on parchments of gold
yet taken lives while leaving wives
with their stories still untold

I'm the price
for being free
to be all that
you can be
tie a ribbon
'round the old oak tree
remember me
I am the war

I have raped the local high school
and cleared the general store
just when you think I'm over
I come running back for more
I have carved my niche’ on headstones
and left footprints in parades
once we’ve met you don't forget
the memory never fades

I take but
don't give back
In every park
I leave a plaque
I never call
when I come back
always in black
I am the war

So you say you want a revolution?
now that's a special deal!
just find a cause and take a pause
before your final meal
I can be civil
and I’ve been around the world
and left my bloody legacy
on every flag that is unfurled

Oh I don't care
who is to blame
I just load and
take my aim
and if you never
heard my name
always the same
I am the war

Oh yes it’s me
in flesh and blood
I never get enough
I beg for more
I have rung the tolling bell
and been sung by troubadours
don't be shocked if when you knock
that I meet you at the door

Oh, I've seen the
few the proud
not afraid to
cry out loud
I stand out
in a crowd
under a shroud

And if you wonder
why the thunder
and the fire never cease
just ask peace
I am the war
Track Name: He Sings

Well he sits or he stands
by himself or with a band
he holds a wooden box
full of stories in his hands

Sometimes he's on a barstool
and somtimes he's on the stage
given to old love ballads
or protest songs of rage

He sings about cats and cradles
and time in bottles
and answers blowin' in the wind
He's seen fire and rain
climbed aboard the Peace Train
on the way to be back home again..

To some he's a just singer
to others a poet laureate
and to some he's just a traveling bum
they could just as soon forget

But there are those who understand
the secret to the man
who makes the choice to give his voice
and heart upon demand


He's sworn to save the land
the oceans and the air
he's sworn to feed the hungry
and the homeless in despair..

But in the absence of a cause
he's blinded by the lights
and humbled by applause
there but for fortune may go I…